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This line is designed with a heavier 3/8" satin finish stainless material in both a 8 1/4" long shank and a 7" short shank. Advantage combinations are offered at $175 with standard mouthpieces without copper. This affordable line holds true to the quality and superior craftsmanship that has set Tom Balding Bits and Spurs above all others.

If you are looking to upgrade the mouthpiece or finish on the Advantage shanks prices start at $275.

Look for the "Tom Balding" stamp on every bit and spur, and be confident it's the mark of an original. All looks, designs, names, and website content TM and © by Tom Balding Bits and Spurs. All Rights Reserved. The Balding looks, names and designs are protected under US Trademark law, US Copyright law and/or International Treaty. Reproduction or imitation is prohibited by law.